About Hackership

The continues learning programme by OpenTechSchool
enabling good coder to excel and become great hackers.


by OpenTechSchool

Amélie Anglade
Benjamin Kampmann
July 19th, 2013

What's Hackership?

It's not a ship

well, not a physical one

think more of


but rethought for coding, for hackers

A Hackership is when ...


of all fields, skills and strength come together

take off

twelve weeks

to spend their entire time

in a distraction free

learning environment

open, safe & welcoming

to focus on

self-directed learning

in each individual most effective ways

learn hands-on

with and from each other

through projects and peer groups

to excel and become

truly great

at what they do or want to be doing

aided by

hackers in residence

industrial experts, coaches and mentors

supported by

inspiring companies

from startups to established businesses

rooted in the

local tech community

of learners and hackers

made possible by

the learners themselves

through the unique 15-of-1st-support-model*

* cf. appendix

Cut to the chase...

from the Founders of


in Berlin and all over the world

a place for

learning tech in Berlin

dedicated to this programme


all year long

multiple batches per year

open for

everyone to apply

from all over world

selecting per batch

40 learners

chosen to create a great learning environment


winter 2013/2014

applications open soon

Want to

come on board?

Let us know. There's still space for partners.


Amélie Anglade


Benjamin Kampmann



Does this really work?

Hackerschool New York does run a very similar programme - successfully its third year now. While they run it from the angle of recruitment, the focus of Hackership is towards creating great learning opportunities.

But the programme itself is proven to work.

The 15-of-1st support model

A hackership is run on the idea that people acquire skills and with them are offered better positions and jobs. That's why every participant pledges at the beginning of the programme to support it with 15% of their first year salary over the course of 12 months after the programme is over for them.

With this money the OpenTechSchool is able to continuously run this and other tech education programmes.

Why not a real hire-fee?

With a hire-fee the learners can only choose from a limited pool of companies. Aside from that, we are not an assessment centre.

The only interest we want to have in mind is the one of the hackers themselves.